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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a means of driving more traffic to your website to achieve higher page rank in search engines. We do this by applying copywriting techniques using free flowing and persuasive content relative to the products and services offered. Finding the perfect balance between having appropriate keyword density that is engaging for the visitors can be tricky but getting it right with quality text that is specific will mean your website will rank higher in search engines searches than your competition.

Investing in a new website does not guarantee sales and new leads, however a website that has been specifically designed with good original content and optimised to be found in Google for the most common keywords will certainly increase the chances of new customers due to the increased number of visits.
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Keyword Search Analysis

We analyse whether your content is optimised for Google search trends

Titles & Meta Tags

We make SEO compliant edits to your titles & meta tag descriptions, a very important aspect of SEO

Content Updates / Re-Writes

We ensure your content is original and do re-writes if neccesary for maximum SEO exposure


A series of hyperlinks from one site to another, the more backlinks pointing to your site the greater the popularity

Monthly SEO Reports

We link your website with Google Analytics to provide accurate reports

Code Optimisation

We will optimise frontend and backend code to ensure optimum load times of your website

Want to be found on Google and drive more traffic to your website?

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5 Free Tips about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Don’t jump the gun, carefully analyse exact keywords and phrases that need to be included into your website content. Think like a customer and include keywords and phrases they might input when searching for products and services similar to yours. It is strongly recommended to check the popularity of relevant keywords by comparing results in Google Search and the Global Monthly Search Volume from Google Adwords.
Websites that have limited content usually do not rank well, so always try to write informative and free flowing content that has 250 or more words per page!
Duplication is not liked by Google, if two pages look the same, contains limited text and is not unique, it will be removed from the search engine index. Be sure to write informative and original content for each page.
Be careful not to overuse keywords and phrases, simply use a group of similar terms that share a common word or phrase to optimise a particular page. This will allows search engines to consider the entire page to be relevant in accordance to the theme.
Make sure you include the selected keywords in each Page Title, HTML headings and Meta description. The page titles appears on the top bar of the browser window and one that appears in search results, so it needs to consist of no longer than 65 characters to attract a viewer to click on it. The Meta description is very useful as it allows search engines to give a short description (snippet) about the page, however aim for no more than 156 characters including spaces.

Our SEO services will improve the online visibility of your website, increasing the number of visitors meaning more enquiries. Remember if no one visits your website there is little point in having it!