Tips to consider when designing a logo

Simple Tips When Designing a Logo

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A company logo is a symbol of your company’s identity and will be used in all aspects of marketing and branding be it published or online. It can be argued that the most effective logos are ones that are simple, easy to remember and can be used with all aspects of branding.

What things should I consider when designing a company logo?

Here are some interesting logo design tips from Cheap as Web:

1. Go Beyond the Surface
On the whole many likeminded businesses may appear to be the same. But we all know every business is unique in its own right in terms of how they offer their services, deal with customers and manage staff. A company logo is like a visual snippet of who the company is and what it represents. A good design will give your brand a personality and will allow people to see beyond the surface.

2. Consider the Viewer. Who really is your Target Audience?
There is nothing worse than having a logo that is totally opposite to what your business represents. Research your market area; consider both sexes and different age groups. For example, if you’re business deals in women clothes, then logo needs to be feminine oriented with suitable colours like hot pinks and lush reds.

3. Use the Bottom Line!
In order to capture the viewer’s attention the logo needs to be visually appealing and easy to remember. Using a slogan always add another dimension to the logo, it could simply be an abbreviation of your companies offerings or a catchy strap line.

4. Keep it Original
Designing a logo from scratch can be tricky as there are so many design elements to consider like font types, colours, shapes, suitability in digital and print formats and so on. But there is no excuse for a poorly designed logo or one that lacks originality. Brainstorm, and if you’re indecisive get a few different concepts made before committing to one. Don’t look at it as an expense; investing in custom logo design is the most vital first step to business branding.

5. Less is More
An effective and memorable logo is simple without cluster and confusion. However designing a logo using a simple approach doesn’t mean it should lack complexity, just do not overuse fonts and colours.

6. Needs to be Scalable
A good logo will compliment all visual formats, electronic and print. Regardless of the logo imprint being on Business Cards, Leaflets, Flyers, PVC banners, Promotional Pens and so on the design needs to adapt to the situation. The logo needs to work correctly in a horizontal and vertical form and look good in black and white. A simple logo like Nike can grow from being very small to extra large and remain identifiable.

7. Make it Long Lasting
Some of us like change whilst like sticking to old ways that work for them. But the reality is things are rapidly changing, often putting pressure to change or freshen up the current image. There is nothing wrong with tweaking your logo whilst retaining its original value and strength. It is vital for businesses not to alienate the image and brand stuck with something that can quickly become yesterday’s news.

So how does the logo compliment the Business brand?
The brand give the overall picture of the business and allows perceptions to be created by viewers in how they see the business, its operations, staff attitude, premises maintenance and so on. The company logo needs to compliment all these interactions including all advertising matters like the website, stationary and vehicle livery.